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What you should know about women


I had a great discussion topic (Men from Mars, Women from Venus) with a doctor guest on my show. Amongst other pertinent subject, we discussed the wiring of women and men and how that affects the anatomy of relationship. Science ties some challenges partners endure to the brain structure and what part of the brain is being used to create and address problems. Being aware of our wiring can help to deal with one another in a better way.

Here is a list of interesting facts about women and little about men:

(1) High oxytocin makes women more sensitive and emotionally more generous.
(2) Women want to share their emotions. They feel shut down like a cold water poured on them when men are fixing their needs.
(3) Because women menstruate, they have access to 412 separate distinct emotions.
(4) Men have cognitive empathy; women have emotional empathy.
(5) Women have part of the brain that doesn’t allow them to cut off negative emotions. They have deeper relationship with negative emotions.
(6) Left brain likes to stay with logic, likes things to be explained, and doesn’t like things to change. It also likes to master the system, analyzes things and enjoys sequential thinking.
(7) Right brain is more intuitive, holistic, looking at the emotional and pieces of things. It is also more subjective.
(8) Two thirds of divorces are initiated by women because women don’t get what they expect from their relationship.
(9) Women will do so much better in relationship when they use more of their left brain than right brain.
(10) Men are four times more likely than women to believe sex and emotional closeness are the same.

A piece of advice to make your relationship successful with your partner:

Men, if you want to improve your relationship with women, “Language” not sex is the key to make your relationship successful with women. Say, “Honey, I want to catch up with what is going on in your life; can we talk?” As she’s talking look for opportunity to ask how she feels about the discourse. A woman’s identity has a lot to do with what she feels. If you don’t want to hear what she feels, she thinks you don’t know her. She will tell her girlfriend he has no idea of who I am. Also figure out a shared activity that sparks emotion in a woman (i.e. dancing, dinner party, pursuing spirituality etc.).

Women, in order to make your relationship successful with man, be sexually available and sexually attractive. Doesn’t mean you can’t age. Just make effort to be attractive. Men are incredibly hurt and disappointed if the sexual piece is not there.

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