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Sex Is A Way To A Man’s Heart!


The old cliché, “Food is a way to a man’s heart” has been redefined in today’s culture. We are living in the society where young women easily believe sex is a way to a man’s heart. The temperance for waiting till marriage is increasingly reducing.

Apart from the bible telling us to practice abstinence, I also think it is undignifying for women to easily give up their body thinking that will get a man to fall in love and committed to them. Sex does not buy love because love ain’t cost a thing! Is either you have it or not!

I commend the girl’s relentless dedication and honoring the virginity pledge to her parents. It’s a parent(s) pride to raise a girl that is strong and not easily led by pop culture and social pressure. I don’t think being abstinent in this generation is that easy with all we hear and see around. The music and movies have been infiltrated and watered down with sex and scandal. You almost have to be careful of opening up social media on your phone in a public place especially in a religious environment like church because of sexual images that can pop up.

As surprising this might sound to some people, there are men out there who won’t respect a woman who is a virgin more than a woman who is not. Guys would argue a virgin girl could be engaging her self in other immoral activities with different guys. So I tell ladies to remain a virgin for their own self worth; not to please a guy but to honor themselves and their parents. And a guy that is understanding would cherish and appreciate your wait for him to break the hymen.

For men and women who are hoping to get married to a virgin one day, you still have luck meeting that person. According to statistic, about 3% of Americans wait until marriage to have sex and that is about 10,00,000 (ten million) successful waiters-till-marriage.


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