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One secret to a successful relationship


After examining many happy and successful relationships, I discovered that there  are many good practices that keep a relationship going. There is one however, that I come to conclude is paramount and unique all across these practices. That surefire hidden secret is consistency. Relationship requires a good momentum. Just like getting good at anything in life involves tenacity. For instance, the more consistent a basketball player practices free throws, the better he gets. Success is the result of repeating the right process. The success of your relationship is no different. It depends on repetitive good actions and deeds.

One of my wife’s friends visited us. She took my wife down to memory lane I’ll never forget. She said when my wife and I started dating, my wife expressed in her sweet voice: ‘he hasn’t called me. I wonder if he still cares and wants to be with me.” I laughed hysterically when I heard it. My action of not calling aroused doubt if I was still interested, unsure of my intent, and where we stood.

I met a woman who said her husband stopped treating her the way he used to when they were dating. The husband used to pay attention to her looks, showered her with compliments, and spent quality time with her. Since they got married, he’s less affectionate and barely stays home. Being married is not the end of dating activities. Though the dating phase might be over, the perks and activities should still be on forever.

When you don’t consistently perform those expected duties, obligations,¬† it is implied by your partner that you have either fallen out of love, giving someone else your attention or don’t take him or her to heart. Continue to carry out those things that make your partner happy. It could be that yearly vacation you guys take, the food you always make for him, how you distress her after a long day when she comes home by rubbing her feet, massage, or maybe how you have sex with her. She loves the way you hold her hips, a particular position she enjoys or random surprises you pull. Perform them consistently. They will only strengthen and make the relationship successful.

You have anything you consistently do that your partner loves or just want to chime a general opinion? kindly sign off with your comment.

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