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Loving God


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About two weeks ago I had a thought of what it is to love God and a few questions ran through my mind. Do we love God because of what He provides or do we just have a natural love for Him? Look at it this way: Do we love people because of the benefits and perks we get from them or we really love them in the absence of anything? Take friendship with people for instance, we run away from friends that don’t add value to our lives. Isn’t it? We find it easy to love because there are benefits to it. The love we should have for God should come with no expectation and condition.

As believers either baby or matured Christian, you know about struggle, discouragement, storms, being in the wilderness, helpless, and lonely. These tough times show our true colors of love for God. It is the time we begin to question if He loved us versus if we loved him. We get caught up in this mindset because we are experiencing turbulence in the deep challenges of life and “The One” considered true reliable source seems to be taking His time to rescue us and provide a way out.

I understand your pain and frustration because I’ve been there and still go through it every now and then. What happens next? We take a drastic decision to stop fulfilling our normal roles in church such as ushering, singing, playing instrument, paying tithe, less or no involvement in group meetings/events, etc. We even go to the extent of cutting back on going to church. I have a word for you: don’t let your setback cause you to sit back.

To be frank and brutally honest, I’ve discovered this is the best time to show you really love and care for Him. You don’t love God only when life is good and things are going smoothly. You love Him through thick and thin, like the vow people make to their partners on their wedding day. Love Him for who He is. He is sovereign and bigger than any other gods. He’s the pillar that holds our lives. No one can question Him. He can do and undo.

How do you show God you love Him?

By praising him and continue to carry on with your normal duties in church. As a matter of fact, increase your time in church. Do above and beyond what you normally do. Let God see that there is something different about you. If you used to go late to church before, change and get there few minutes before service starts to receive the blessings of early bird (maybe that’s the blessing that is needed to turn your situation around). If you used to be a bench warmer, join a group or department in the church.

There has to be a new paradigm in how you serve God. Let your praises go over the roof. Sing more praise songs than ever. Roll on the floor, move around, wave your hand, shout, jump up…Let Him know there is something significantly different about you. If you have money to give to Him, give way more than you have given before. All of these activities ring a loud bell in heaven. God can hear and feel that there is someone doing something above and beyond. These get The Lord’s attention and when that happens, the rest is history. Your story turns to glory.

I want you to remember one thing whenever you go through tough times that He said ask me anything and I will do it. However, He did not specify what day or hour he will do it except He specifically told you that. It is written that He will do it at an appointed time. That time may not be according to your watch. All you could do is to hold on to His words and remind Him constantly of them just like children will remind their earthly father of his promises.

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