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God is waiting for you at the top! Can you make the jump?


Hello Fam,

Watch this video and then read my message below

No, it’s important you watch the Video First then read my message.

———————- NOW YOU CAN READ——————

Just like the mama duck, God is waiting for you to meet him at the top!

While attempting to jump to the top, you will get scared, fall down multiple times, and cut yourself. It could look like you are the last one left to make the jump (pass an exam, finish school, get married, have children, or get a job) among your friends or siblings but doesn’t mean you can’t make it.

It’s important to understand that while you are going through these challenges, God has not left you. Just like the mama duck, he’s very close by. He’s just testing how bad you want to be at the top and challenging your strength. Some of us don’t realize how strong we are; the strength God has deposited in us. Just because you failed few times doesn’t mean you don’t have the strength to try again.

Failing is not a sign that you can’t be at the top; it’s just a challenge to do it again and reach deeper to the inner strength within you.

Don’t you ever give up while making the jump. No matter how many times you try, eventually you’ll make it!

Cheers to your improvement


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