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How to deal with basic arguments with your woman


Are you a man struggling to live peacefully with your partner? Do you argue over basic situations? Are you experiencing cycle of conflict? I will share with you how you can save some of those arguments and give your relationship oxygen to last long.

Here are two inevitable practices by women that piss their man off and ignite argument:

The first one has to do with the time women take to get ready for an event. When you are going out with your woman and she tells you she will be done in 5min, that means you need to take off your shoes, your jacket, and take 45min nap because she’s in that room trying on different clothes, shoes, putting on makeup, and getting her hair together. Men get pissed off at this situation, and blame their woman. This of course creates argument, and affects the mood.

To prevent such argument, what you do as a man is to think positively; she’s dressing, making up to look good for you. Think that she’s doing all that to complement you. In the society, when a woman looks good, the husband gets the credit. It’s a sign that the man is taking good care of his woman. What you can also do is proactively build her time into your plan whenever you guys are going out together. This will save the argument, and peace will rain.

The second inevitable practice of women is talking! It’s a version ofmemethat says men use an average of 15,000 words a day and women use twice of that. Whenever you get home in the evening and your woman still wants to talk that means she has not used all her 30,000 words lol. So you know what you are in for. It’s in the nature of women to talk, express their pain, frustration and fills their man in on things. There is nothing wrong with that.

The problem men have is they can’t bear too much talking and they react by either keeping quiet or giving solution to what the subject of discourse is so they can end the discussion quickly. However, this approach does not work well with women. As a matter of fact, it adds fire to the conversation. Women are not looking for your advice because they probably can figure it out themselves. What they need is a listening ear. Someone to agree with them and/or empathize.

Here is an advice on how you handle the situation as a man: let’s say your woman is telling you how her friend Janet pissed her off earlier today. In between her narration, express few words to show that you are paying attention. For example you can say “wow, that’s crazy, You gotta be kidding me, Janet said that? Unbelievable, I feel for you babe.” This is the kicker: Ask her, “Would you like me to make you some tea or get you water?” This expression shows to your wife that you have good ears for listening and you are there for her.

You may not know how women think and react to every situation but these two situations you can handle very well and help save arguments. Build her dressing time into your schedule and show verbal expressions to her while she discusses her concerns.

Femi “Gfem” Ogunjinmi, Relationship Expert, and Host of Gfem Talk Show can be contacted at


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