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3 points to a vision


Vision is important to us as people. It helps to guide us to a destination, gives us sense of direction and focus. Here are three electrifying illumination about vision:

(1) It will outlive you. Many generations will benefit from it. Martin Luther King (MLK) had a vision that outlived him.

(2) You cannot produce it by yourself, with your own resources. It requires a group effort. MLK didn’t produce the dream by itself. He did his own part and we carry on the baton. Another instance is a pregnant woman; she’s carrying the dream and she needs the help of the doctor, nurses, and family to help birth the dream to life!

(3) Your dream will mess things up when coming out. Using the scenario of the pregnant woman again, the baby tears the exit he or she is coming from because the dream is bigger than what is blocking it. When the Lord is ready to bring out your dream, anything that stands in its way gets ripped. Tell somebody don’t stand in the way of my dream if you don’t want to get knocked out!!!

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