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Why rich men sleep with their secretaries


Have you ever imagined why rich men or men with little success sleep with their secretaries? Here is what you need to know to prevent your man from doing the same thing so that you can stop worrying, spying, stress, and being unhappy.

I grew up watching movies that exhibit men philandering with their secretaries and appalling enough, the same story still exists today in many homes. Nothing has changed since I was little and now that I have my own family.

Disclaimer: This information I’m about to share by no means condone men to be cheaters. Rather offers perspective on the subject and articulate the reason why some men have gone outside their homes and why they shouldn’t! Giving both men and women the illumination to cleverly think and re-evaluate themselves.


The kind of woman a man needs when he’s struggling is different from the one he needs when he has arrived! When a man is struggling he needs a woman that can challenge him, assist him financially, and offer him direction. He may not want those treatments willingly (because of ego) but his situation dictates and compels him to accept them from his lady.

Now when he’s made a little success, he feels the need for a totally submissive wife. When he says A, she doesn’t say B. He doesn’t want his authority to be challenged. He doesn’t want a woman that nags all the time nor the one who will turn down sex and also not make food for him. He desires a woman that is Understanding, Gratifying, Loving, and Yielding.

When a man finds his wife not being what he wants, he looks for someone who can easily fulfill his desires. Someone like a secretary.

Let’s examine few roles and characteristics of a secretary (for a fancy title: Executive Assistant) that men sleep with. When the boss says he wants something, the secretary does not object; she does what the boss wants. She knows and prepares what the boss needs at a particular time i.e documents, itinerary, meeting plan. She makes the life of the boss easy. She even makes sure the boss has lunch.

Do you display some of these secretary characteristics? When was the last time you prepared breakfast, dinner for your husband or even surprised him with lunch at work? when was the last time he said something and you agreed to it? Do you allow him to have sex with you the way he wants it, how he wants it, and for the duration he wants it? Or you always want to “Have It Your Way” like Burger King?

Ladies, I will not stir you wrong, you need to exhibit some of the traits of a secretary. Your man may not be rich right now or have little success. Before he gets to that level of finding a secretary, acknowledge this message and heed to the lesson. For those that are already going through this ordeal, here is an opportunity to make a change and fix the situation.

To men:
Your wife is someone who has helped you labored and suffered. When you were low and there was no provision from you, she was there! She didn’t say this man is lazy or useless so let me leave him for someone who has more to offer. Don’t you think there were men who probably told her, “Your man ain’t nothing! You deserve someone better that can treat you right, take you shopping, buy you finest things in life…” They told her a lot more but she was stubborn and refused to cave in to those statements. She stayed, supported, financed, and offered you enriching advices. And she still made sure she fed your stomach and made love to you.

You got to start engaging with your thoughts and not with your pants. Take yourself back to memory lane of the sacrifices your wife made for you and the family. She doesn’t deserve another woman to enjoy what she’s helped you create. How would you feel if the table is turned around? Won’t you see her as unfaithful, ingrate, disloyal, and selfish? of course you will.


I encourage partners to dialogue together and express what you desire from each other that is lacking. Help each other bring out those desires. Since you have signed the contract to be together, it has become both of your job to satisfy each other and not seek satisfaction from a third party.

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