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With all the personal successes people strive for, they are still seeking soul mates to create together a happy and healthy balanced life. Relationship is not rocket science as people think. It is methodical and you can learn the ins and outs of it to meet your heavenly match on earth.

Here Are Gfem’s Most Requested Topics:


One of the prevalent problems in relationship is communication. No one is perfect at this but there is always a way to get better at it. Gfem shares actionable principles, and methods of effective communication that will strengthen your relationship and reduce conflicts.

Dating Right:

Are you tired of not attracting the right person, screwing up on dates and upset that your pick-up lines are not effective? Learn the three successful keys to find a date, the right Pick-up line, and Dating Faux Pas to avoid on your dates.

Friend Zone:

Have you ever been called Mr Nice Guy? Has a lady ever told you she can’t date you because you are a good friend and she doesn’t want to mess up the friendship? People fall into friend zone and don’t realize it until it’s too late. Gfem will teach you how to avoid being in a friend zone and if you are already in one, the techniques you can implement to change your status.

Relationship sustainability:

Securing a relationship is one thing, maintaining it to last long is another. Just like a car, maintenance such as oil change, tune up, and brake change, is needed periodically to keep the car operational. In this session you will discover the key tools necessary to keep your relationship running on the high way and never break down.

Self-Cheating Proof:

The struggle of most people in relationship is fidelity. One of the ways to salvage your relationship is to stay away from cheating. Partners promise to stop cheating but they go right back. Is your fidelity contract almost expired or has expired? Gfem will offer you proven step by step guide that will help you put an end to unfaithfulness.

Mental Toughness:

Mind is the warehouse, factory of success and failure. What is meant to be victory or defeat originates from the mind. An idea is first conceived in the mind before it goes to implementation and yield a result. How are you thinking about your ideas? Do you doubt yourself? Do you take rejection personally in your business, personal, academics, and professional life? Gfem will take you from the world of doubt to a world of certainty, and from the losing mind to a winning mind with his proven principles.

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